Murad Resurgence

Murad Resurgence Review

If you have ever watched TV on Sunday mornings, chances are that you have come across this infomercial. Joan London and a host of other celebrities sitting around discussing their fabulous experiences with Murad Resurgence. Murad is a well-respected brand within the anti-aging industry, and resurgence is one of their better selling products, at least directly to consumers that is.

The basis for Resurgence is that it treats hormonally aging skin. As women age, there are a number of hormonal changes that their body goes through. This affects many areas in the body including the skin.

See how Murad Resurgence compares side by side with the others.

While we searched for specific information about which active ingredients Murad uses to accomplish the task of restoring skin firmness, luster and moisture, we were unable to find it. We could see that Murad proposes that they use pharmaceutical grade actives, but no specifics. This was somewhat concerning to us. While we always prefer for a company to be as transparent as possible, we do understand certain proprietary information is essential.

What Happened When We Tested It?

First we had to compile a test group of specifically women, ranging in ages from the mid to late 20’s all the way to women in their late 60’s. While we understand that Resurgence is only going to work on women who are currently experiencing hormonal aging, we wanted to represent as many different age groups as possible for our testing. The TV offer certainly makes the pricing right on Resurgence, unfortunately what we found was that Murad Resurgence is more like a moisturizer with extra benefits than it is a true anti-aging treatment. Without exception each of our testers felt that Resurgence was delivering a concentrated dose of moisture. We also documented significant improvement in the overall shine and luster of the skin we tested. But we saw NO WRINKLE REDUCTION. Wrinkles and age spots still existed and while our skin’s health looked better, we still looked just as wrinkled as we were before.

In our opinion, Murad Resurgence is a fantastic option if you are younger and have not yet begun to experience the pains of aging skin. If you have begun aging or have well established wrinkles, this is not the option for you. As a result, we cannot recommend the use of Murad Resurgence to any of our readers who already have wrinkles, but if you are just looking to prevent the onset of aging, perhaps this is the right choice for you.